Attainment of Children is Achieved by Darshan In The Maa Santala Temple

The Maa Santala Temple
The Maa Santala Temple

Santala Devi Temples is an ancient and popular temple located in Dehradun district, the capital of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, which is 15 km from the capital Dehradun. It is situated in the middle of the dense forests at a distance of Santour Garh. This temple is a center of faith for the devotees, which is situated just above the Noor river in Dehradun city. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Santala and her brother Santoor. The religiously important Santala Devi Temple located in Dehradun is also called by other names such as Santaura Devi Temple and Santaula Devi Temple. It is said about the temple that if any devotee or devotee wishes with a sincere heart, then Mother Santala Devi fulfills his wish. It is a belief of Santala Devi Temple that thousands of years ago this temple used to be the abode of Mata Santala and her brother Santoor.

Story of Santala Devi:​

According to the legend (History of Santala Devi Temple), in the 11th century the king of Nepal came to know that a Mughal emperor wanted to marry his daughter Santala Devi, then Santala Devi walked from Nepal by mountain roads to Punjabiwala (Punjabiwala) of Doon. I started living by building a fort on a mountain. On learning of this, the Mughals attacked the fort. When Santala Devi and her brother realized that she was not capable of fighting the Mughals, Santala Devi started praying to God, throwing her weapons. Suddenly a light shone on her and she turned into a stone idol. At the same time, all the Mughal soldiers who came to attack the fort were blinded by that glow. After this a temple was built in place of the fort.

It is believed that some soldiers used to come here to worship in the 16th century. At that time an English officer did not have any children. After getting information about the temple from his soldiers, that Englishman worshiped in the temple by law. Within a year of this he became the father of a son. Since then it is believed that most of the people who wish to have children come here to worship.

How to reach Santala Devi Temple?

If you also want to go to Santala Devi Temple, then let us tell you that you can easily reach here by plane, train or road. You can choose any route as per your convenience.

By Airplane –Santala Devi Temple which is located in Dehradun If you also want to go here via airplane, then let us tell you that the nearest airport to this Santala Devi temple is Jolly Grant. After reaching Jolly Grant Airport, you will easily get taxi facility from there to Santala Devi Temple.

By Train – If you want to reach near Santala Devi Temple by train, then let us tell you that the nearest railway station to Santala Devi Temple is located in Dehradun. After reaching Dehradun railway station, you can take taxi facility from there.

By Road – Santala Devi Temple If you want to come by road by your own bike, car or bus, then let us tell you that Dehradun is well connected to major cities by National Highway. With the help of which you can reach Dehradun easily. . And after reaching Dehradun, this Santala Devi temple is located very near from there.

People's beliefs:

A fair of faith is held in the temple of Goddess Santala Devi located in Dehradun district. Crowds of devotees swell. It is said that Mother Santala fulfills every wish of one who prays with a sincere heart. This temple of Maa Santala is a symbol of unbroken and selfless love of brother and sister. According to mythology, Mother Santala Devi was the princess of the Nepal royal family. She was a symbol of Shakti, which was incarnated in human form. At that time it was the rule of the Mughals. The Mughal ruler sent a marriage proposal to mother Santala. Then Mother Santala reached a place called Santaur and started living there by building a fort. On learning of this, the Mughals attacked the fort.


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