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Dehradun The City Of Love


Dehradun is a capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand near the Himalayan foothills. it is located in the Garhwal region. Dehradun City of Love (Uttarakhand India)is located in the Doon valley on the foothills of the Himalaya displayed between the river Ganga on the east and the river Yamuna on the lies 236 kilometers 447 MI north of India’s capital New Delhi and 168 kilometers 104 MI from Chandigarh.the city is famous for its pictures landscape and slightly murder climate and provides a gateway to the surrounding region. during the days of British Raj, the official name of the town was dehra.there is Himalayan tourist destination such as Mussoorie and lovely and the Hindu all cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the Himalayan circuit of the Chota char Dham. Dehradun municipal corporation is also known as Nagar Nigam Dehradun. Dehradun is also known for its Basmati rice and bakery products.

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History Of

the history of Dehradun city-state of Uttarakhand nickname Doon valley is link to the story of Ramayana and is believed that after the battle between Ravana and Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman are visited this the dronacharya is also known as drone Nagari name of legendary guru to the Pandavas Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata, believed to have been born and resident in Dehradun. traditions and the literature reflect the reason links with the event of Mahabharata and Ramayana and this is around 2000-year-old history. in the city, there is also some evidence like ancient temples and idols that have been found in the area surrounding Dehradun which has been linked to the mythology of Mahabharata and Ramayana. after the Mahabharata battle, Pandavas influenced this region as rulers of Hastinapura and the descendants of Subahu rolled the region as subsidiaries.

Dehradun History
Dehradun history

Climate of

The climate of Dehradun mostly Dehradun climate is humid subtropical. when I talk about summer temperature can reach up to 44 degrees Celsius for a few days and hot wind called blows over North India. when the monsoon season comes there is often heavy and protracted rainfall. and winter temperature between 1 1 to 20 degrees Celsius and fog is quite a common inventor like plains. 


Language of

language of Dehradun there is a major language spoken district according to census 2011 Hindi including garhwali 80% primary and official language also there are other languages spoken in resume our English Bengali Punjabi ratanpur Nepali pahadi. And there is a lot of temples in the Dehradun.

Dehradun grawali

Cricket Stadium In Dehradun

Dehradun City

there is also a cricket stadium the name is Rajiv Gandhi international cricket stadium in Dehradun is a multi-purpose stadium in Raipur area of Dehradun Uttarakhand India it is the first international-level stadium in the state.


Dehradun City

Robert cavestourism destination in Dehradun tourist destination include kalanga monument chandravadni Himalayan gallery Dehradun zoo guchhupani Robber’s cave  there is lot of tourist place. for tourist purpose there is transport option include railways by air by bus or by taxi etc.

Deer with her baby pic in Zoo

The population of Dehradun is


Best Place to Shopping In

1.Indira market:
if you are a man or a boy then you must go in Indira market to fashionable clothes in the latest where you will find a lot of range of clothes and accessories option for men and children where you will find a lot of range of clothes and accessories option for men and children also for women. there is also some offer is everything from tees shirt shoes and belts. if you are a good beginner then and you get the right price for your purchases.
2.Paltan Bazaar:
paltan bazar is located near the clock tower Dehradun. this is one of the best places to visit in Dehradun. there is a lot of shops for clothes and many more things. so you can easily spend at least 4 to 5 hours
3.Tibatan Market:
there is also a lot of brands in  clothes and shoes and belts. but there is a fixed price in clothes so there is no chance to bargain. but the varieties of superb in this market.
4.Pacific mall for brands: Pacific the spirit of Dehradun one of the most popular malls in Dehradun Uttarakhand and there are many varieties of shopping options. here you find a lot of high varieties like Gucci, Celio and many more. there is also a lot of food court with the best fast food joints like Mac d McDonalds etc. there is also show PVR screen to see the latest movies here. there are also some games for children’s so this is the best place to hangout spots for local and as well as visitors.
5.Crossroad mall luxury varieties:
it is one of the largest malls in Dehradun with 50 brand store overall. there is an also Apple Store Caterpillar puma Adidas flying machine and many more. it’s like a fun place for the family e because there is also an offer for entertainment and a lot of food options.

Croos Mall Road

Dalai Hills

Dalai Hills is one amongst the very magnificent and extremely beautiful places located in Mussoorie.