Buddha Temple in Dehradun

Buddha Temple is the most visited place in Dehradun city. Located at Clement Town, Buddha Temple is a center of attraction for many international tourists and Buddhist followers. Buddha temple is a Tibetan monastery it is also called mind rolling monastery and it was built in 1965 by his eminence the Kochen rinpoche and few other monks for the promotion and projection of religious and cultural understanding of Buddhism. build in Japanese architecture style Buddha temple complex atmosphere provides a mental peace equal to a Buddhist monk. Buddha temple complex was created as of the fore school of Tibetan religion. this temple complex is known as nyigm while other schools are known as Kagyu, Sakya, and Geluk respectively. 


Mindrolling monastery-Buddha Temple

Buddha Temple is visited by hundreds of tourists as well as international Buddhism lovers. this to be the largest Buddhist reliquary in Asia. The first three floors provide mesmerizing experience as eye-catching ornate wall painting makes everyone stunned. Buddha temple holy place is about 220 feet in height and has floors enshrine statues of Buddha and Guru Padmasambhavs.these lord Buddha life illustrating painting colour and about 50 Artists took over 3 year to paint this intricate paintings.

In this Buddha temple there is complex has a series of shopping and eatings shops.in the shopping section artifacts,clothes, and handicrafts made by Buddhist people. One can find a good collection of books in the Tibetan language and holy books about Buddhism. In the Buddha Temple authorities takes care of lamas and provide them free accommodation, food, clothes and also many other facilities.

Some major collection of the temple lives on its fourth floor. reach out through steep wooden ladder, open circular viewing platform provides an amazing 360-degree view of Doon valley 103 ft statue of Lord Buddha is another main attraction in the temple complex. visitors also like the tranquil atmosphere of the well maintained beautiful gardens and grass field surrounding the temple.

How to Reach Buddha Temple in Dehradun

Buddha temple is located in Clement town on Saharanpur road at just 4 kilometers from ISBT Dehradun. you can easily reach Buddha temple by local autos or by bus also nearby Dehradun railway station around 9 kilometers and if you by airplane then airport for easy as is Jolly Grant airport it’s around 31 kilometers to Buddha temple.


Shops and temple gardens are open for all days but temple remains open for Sunday only for the public. visitor requests to remove shoes before entering the main hall of the temple.