Tiger Falls – All You Need to Know before you visit

Tiger fall

Tiger Falls, Chakrata Overview

Chakrata, close to Dehradun, is home to the Tiger Falls, a hidden gem. These falls, located amid magnificent nature, have grown to be one of the most well-liked getaways among locals and visitors. People make their way to these natural falls to escape the hubbub of cities. The sound of the fall’s rushing water reverberating in the neighbouring hillocks is rejuvenating because a thick forest surrounds it. It is also India’s highest natural waterfall, with a 312-foot elevation.

Tiger fall

The waterfall is located 20 kilometers from Chakrata and is surrounded by beautiful wooded deodars. The Tiger Falls is not only a great place for a picnic, but they are also the end of a local trekking path. Therefore, these falls in Uttarakhand should be your next stop if you enjoy adventure and are looking forward to an exhilarating hike. The falls have been able to keep their untamed, unspoiled splendour. Its ambivalence is shielded from the bustle of city life and is unaffected by westernization. Tiger Falls is a great destination if you enjoy the outdoors or are seeking a quick getaway.

Trekking to Tiger Falls:

Visitors can enjoy an exciting trekking adventure at the magnificent falls. They get the chance to experience nature’s best splendor. The path to Tiger Falls, which winds through a forest and hillocks, is captivating enough to stay in your memories for a long time.
There are two different hiking paths. One involves a kilometer trip, and the other requires 5 km of challenging uphill and downhill climbs. 

Take the Chakrata-Lakhamandal trail, which takes you to the waterfall after a 1-kilometer hike. The longer path, which is five kilometres long, begins at the Chakrata taxi station, which is close to the cantonment area. It transports you deep into the woods, close to oak and deodar trees, and in intimate proximity to nature. Eventually, every pain is worthwhile when you see the breathtaking waterfall. They are overpowering!!

Things to do at Tiger Falls:

The enigmatically beautiful falls allow you to engage in several activities. Among them, some are–

1. Camping: You can camp out beneath a starry sky at Tiger Falls, tucked away in a beautiful valley. You can spend the night close to this waterfall, but very few people know about it. Although you should check with the local authorities to make sure it is safe to camp at that time, if it is, you are ready to have a great time. The monsoon season is not a good time to go camping. Think about relaxing while resting in lovely, green woodland with a galaxy above your heads. It certainly has a storybook feel about it. If so, you can accomplish yours at Tiger Falls.

2. Picnic: For a picnic day out, turn on your car and go directly to Tiger Falls. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature by sitting next to the waterfall. Listen to the sound of the water splashing and birds tweeting to get into a relaxed mood. The falls know how to treat you well with their graceful beauty, whether you are a child or an adult. Pollution and commercialization are minimal because of the location’s distance from the city. Rush to this location concealed in the thick woodland with some sandwiches, juice bottles, or any other meal of your choosing.

3. Dip in the Pool: Dip into the little pool the waterfall has created to escape the intense heat of the sun. As you float in the stream, take as many photos as you like. Even a party of ten can overcrowd the small pool. To enjoy the chilly waters of the Tiger Fall, make sure you enter the building turn by turn.
4. Waterfall rappelling: Water rappelling is well-known at Tiger Falls. Adventure lovers will be in heaven there. Additionally, if you were born into the water, you’ll undoubtedly adore it. It’s not advised for people with weak hearts because it’s highly risky. Summer, or the months of April through June, is the ideal period for water rappelling.

Best Time to Visit Tiger Falls:

There isn’t a specific ideal time to see Tiger Falls. It depends upon your purpose for being here, to be more explicit. Although going to Tiger Falls is a fantastic experience any time of year, you must remember the main reason you came.
Visit here during the monsoon season to experience its utmost splendour (July-October). Adventure sports like hiking and water rappelling appear safer in the summer (April-June). In contrast, you can sit here in the winter (November to March) without becoming annoyed by the sun’s intense heat.

Tips for Visiting Tiger Falls:

1. Bring adequate footwear if you want to go hiking or trekking during the monsoon.
2. You might not be able to find a suitable restaurant nearby, so you should bring food and water.
3. Getting a trustworthy guide from the Dehradun Tourism Office is advised so that you may have safer camping and trekking excursions.
4. Change of clothes kiosks are available if you decide to dip in the waterfall.
5. Because Tiger Falls require arduous hiking and trekking, it is not advised for elderly people and young children to visit.

How to Reach Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls is located 20 kilometers from Chakrata. Getting here will take between 30 and 40 minutes. You must descend for a kilometer starting from the road entrance at the falls to get there. The falls are only a two-hour train ride from Dehradun Railway Station, the closest railway station. You should hire a taxi because the roads are narrower than usual and a skilled driver would be quite helpful. The falls are accessible by trekking for about a kilometer after leaving the car in the paid parking.

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