Kunjapuri Temple Narendranagar

Kunjapuri Temple Narendranagar is a temple of sacred importance in Hinduism. Situated at a height of 1676 meters on a hill, Kunjapuri Devi Temple is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths in Uttarakhand. The burnt chest of Sati fell in the Kunjapuri Devi temple here. The Kunjapuri Devi Temple offers panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and peaks such as Swarga Rohini, Gangotri, Bandarpanch and Chaukhamb.Popular place for a beautiful sunrise view with the sun rising from behind the Himalayan peaks. Yogi Aravind Ashram and Kunjapuri Guest House are places of accommodation. This place is perfect for yoga, meditation, quiet retreat etc.

History Of Kunjapuri Temple

Kunjapuri is the temple of Goddess Durga, as it is one of the thirteen Shaktipeeths (Shakti Kendras) in the Shivalik range and one of the three Shakti Peethas in Tehri district established by Jagadguru Shankaracharya. The other two Shakti Peethas in the district are Surkanda Devi and Chandrabadani. Kunjapuri forms a sacred triangle with these two peeths. Shaktipeeths are the places where the body parts of Goddess Sati (an incarnation of Goddess Parvati before she was born as Parvati) fell while Lord Shiva was holding her dead body in her arms and the Himalayan mountain range of Bharatvarsha after Sati Were turning unconscious from. The yagna caught fire when her father Daksha made some derogatory remarks about her husband. Thousands of people visit the Durga temple in Kunjapuri throughout the year, but during the Navratras, there is an influx of devotees.

How To Reach

By air
Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport at a distance of about 43 kilometers. Taxis and taxis are easily available for hire in Kunjapuri and neighboring areas.
by train
The nearest railway station is at Rishikesh. Rishikesh railway station is at a distance of 27 km from Kunjapuri. Motorized roads along Kunjapuri are also well covered. The common connecting city for most trains is Delhi.
from the way
Kunjapuri is well connected to most major cities of the state like Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun. Buses and cabs are easily available from major cities of Grewal region.

Things to do:

  • Yoga in Kunjapuri: Kunjapuri is the best place for yoga. Yoga is very beneficial for the fitness of our body, not only physically but also through mental and emotional fitness, different pranayama and meditation. Through yoga you can lose weight. Kapala bhakti is the best way to reduce your weight and make your body strong.
  • Kunjapuri Sunrise: Kunjapuri is the place where a climber near Rishikesh is known for the true taste of the temple. . It is peaceful and naturally spiritual and rises to over 1600 meters. Sunrise in the foothills of the Himalayas is a deep, extraordinary expression here.
  • Kunjapuri Temple Trekking: Kunjapuri is situated at an altitude of 1645 meters and owes the highest view of the Himalayas from the north and Rishikesh, Haridwar and towards the Doon Valley towards the south. . Kunjapuri temple trek is especially celebrated for trekking in Rishikesh. About 6 kilometers from Narendra Nagar towards Gangotri, the road at Hindola Khal is bifurcated, 5 kilometers in advance.

Best Time to Visit

The time from May to October is considered to be the best time to visit the Kunjapuri temple in view of the hot sun at Hill Top. You can visit the temple throughout the year with suitable clothes and accessories packed in your bag. On the occasion that you need to take interest in extravagant celebrations, Navratri is the best time for you. Navratri does not occur very often in October-November. You will get an opportunity to peek through the Hindu Utsav festival and appreciate the social ceremony and the ceremony which shows satisfaction among the members.