Government Hospital in Rishikesh

rishikesh government hospital

Government Hospital in Rishikesh

Government Hospital in Rishikesh is located at Rishikesh near a cooperative bank in the Dehradun District Uttarakhand. This hospital also has a blood bank if any person needs blood then contact in this hospital. This is a low budget hospital and its staff is also good. Checkout other Blood Banks near SPS Government Hospital If this one is closed or if you cannot find your Required Blood type and amount of blood needed. If I talk about my own experience about the treatment this is good when I was a child then I did some disease on my body then I did go there and the doctor gave me some medicine and taking some medicine I filled well. But sometimes This hospital is unable to provide efficient medical services due to the unavailability of doctors at is advised to approach other hospitals if a person is suffering from serious health problems. There is mostly a crowd in summer.

Government Hospital in Rishikesh​

Government Hospital in Rishikesh there are also parking sections so don”t worry about your vehicle doesn’t matter its 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. and there are two gates one is vehicle entry and second fo an exit so mind these things and in this hospital medical store near exit gates.

The hospital is unable to provide efficient medical service due to unavailability of doctors at present. Currently, doctors from All India Institute of Medical Science have been given the responsibility of providing O.P.D. services. It is advised to approach other hospitals if a person is suffering from serious health problems.The hospital Building also not clean proper so there is lot of dirtyness.In this hospital main entrance is opposite to parking so you can easily find the gates. But No doctors in duty time. No worry about the patient. Nobody is responsible. Nobody is here for check them 

ADDRESS-Manvendera Nagar, Rishikesh,Uttrakhand 249201
Contact Details-01352430096


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