Ice Cream Parlor in Dehradun Near Ghanta Ghar


Ice cream Parlor in Dehradun

icecream parlor dehradun

If you search icecream in Dehradun then you are the right place here I’m talking about ice cream in Dehradun. and if you love ice cream then this information for you, best ice cream place hard to find but I’m for you to find ice cream place for you in Dehradun.
The best ice cream place in Dehradun is Paltan bazaar because there are many shops for the best ice cream and also here are available many shakes and best shakes available. if you are an ice cream lover and also if you are a shakes lover then you must visit this place because here is taste and you will never find the best ice cream place like this.

Best Ice Cream Parlor in Dehradun Gaylord Xpress

icecream parlor

Here are different-different types of ices cream available like Stick kulfi its cost around 35, fresh and lichi cost 40, kulfi pista cost 35, cookies and cream 40 fresh strawberries is around 60, pan kulfi 50 American bites is near around 60, Belgium chocolate is near 60 Rs, Kaju Kismiss 35, American nuts 35, Mango is near 35, Raj bhog is near 35, Kesar Pista is around 35, Love 21 around 30, Pineapple is 30, Tuti fruity is near 35, choco chips around 40, Butterscotch 25, strawberry 20, and vanilla is 20 Rs. So here are multiple varieties of icecream if you visit Dehradun then you must taste ice creams in Paltan Bazaar.

Best Shakes in Dehradun

shakes in dehradun

Best and various shakes also available in Gaylord Xpress if you are interested to drink shakes then you must try once I’m guaranteed you love this place. shakes likes Browny shakes, Chocolates shakes, KitKat shakes, blackcurrant shake, butterscotch shake, Badam Thandai, Oreo Shakes, Cold coffee, and Pine Apple shakes there are many types of shakes available and it’s around 15 variety shakes in this Shop.
But there are more shops for icecream in Paltan bazaar so Paltan bazaar is the best place for ice cream and shakes.

Best Time to Visit in Ice Cream Parlor


I recommend at night because Dehradun at night is like Jannat try to go in the night and enjoy ice cream / shakes with your loved once and family.

Best Place for cake

Here is also available different types of variety of cakes just near of icecream parlor pick one of the best cakes for your birthday or family birthday. and also available Best Design just visit once and taste it once you will love this place.

cake shop in dehradun

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