Lachhiwala Doiwala in Dehradun


best summer picnic spot in dehradun lachhiwala

Encircled between the Sal trees, Lachhiwala offers a calm and fun environment for visitors. Children and elders find Lachhiwala to enjoy equally. Besides the views of nature, visitors like to enjoy a fun swim in artificial water pools here. A stream from the Suswa River is collected in a number of pools.

lachhiwala picnic spot

How to Reach Lachhiwala & Location

Lachhiwala has excellent connectivity with the main road as it is located within walking distance of the Dehradun-Haridwar road. Lachhiwala is 22 km from Dehradun and 3 km from Doiwala. Regular buses are available from Dehradun, Rishikesh (35 km) and Haridwar (42 km) to Lachhiwala. Dehradun station is the closest rail connection to reach Lachhiwala. The nearest Jolly Grant Airport (Dehradun Airport) is just 5 miles from the Lachhiwala picnic spot.

fees details and location

Location :      Dehradun Haridwar road
Dist./ Travel time
15.5 km / 34 min
By IBST Dehradun
Entry Type    :  20rs per person entry and 10 rs 
The name of Lachhiwala now changed to “Natural Park” is a popular picnic spot located on Haridwar-Rishikesh Road, 22 km from Dehradun. Surrounded by a green forest. Lachhiwala is now presented as the best outing destination and a family picnic spot near Dehradun.
Exploration time
3 hrs

lachhiwala picnic spot
lachhiwala picnic spot

a family picnic spot , Lachhiwala in Dehradun

Lachhiwala is also famous among hikers and bird watchers due to its lonely environment. In search of a pleasant atmosphere, Lachihiwala is often crowded on weekends and holidays. Tourists can visit Lachhiwala all year round and Forest Rest House is available for accommodation.

things to do in lachhiwala doiwala

Similarly, many people hit this place in summer to get a relief from the scorching heat.

  • it is a popular summer destination, it sees a lot of visitors. For instance, travelers come here to bask in the glory of nature.
  • Families, kids and youngsters also throng here to have fun and frolic in the placid waters.
  • This place is far away from the hustle-bustle of the maddening city. So you can also relax and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Many shutterbugs also come here to capture the untouched beauty of nature’s bounty.

how to reach lachhiwala


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