Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road, Dehradun

Shiv mandir mussoorie

Shiv Mandir Dehradun Mussoorie Road

Nestled in the majestic Dehradun hills, the Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Temple stands majestically. Popularly known as the Shiv Mandir, the temple has a revered Shivling crafted with the finest crystals, drawing many devotees, tourists, and pilgrims alike, every year. Its strategic location at Kuthal Gate, on the way to Mussoorie, makes it one of the most visited holy sites in the region. People from all corners of the country come here to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings on the holy day of Shivratri as well as in the months of Sawan. The Shiv Mandir offers its visitors a beautiful and spiritual experience.

Prakasheshwar Mahadev Temple is a highly esteemed religious spot in Dehradun and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, one can come across various idols and images of Gods and Goddesses. The holy temple is decorated with blossoms every day, while grand puja ceremonies take place on days like Shivratri and Sawan. What’s more, devotees are served Prasad at the daily Bhandara. Donations to the deity are also allowed. Visiting this peaceful temple can not only quench your spiritual thirst but also bring you respite and inner peace.

Every day, the Bhandara is organized in the temple. It opens its doors to all its devoted visitors, offering them Prasad as a form of spiritual nourishment. This sacred place, with its tranquil atmosphere, offers solace to weary souls. Unlike most temples, devotees here cannot make donations to the deity – but they leave this holy shrine feeling relaxed, their minds at peace.

Shiv mandir mussoorie

The story behind the name 'Prakasheshwar' Shiv Mandir Dehradun Mussoorie

Visiting Prakasheshwar Temple, located in the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, is an incredibly humbling experience. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple celebrates his many names and powers, including one of his oldest and most beloved, Prakshya – Lord of knowledge and light. This holy place does not accept donations or money of any kind, making it all the more meaningful for those who come to meditate and seek the peace and power of the divine. Whether it be the snow-capped mountain views or the incredible architecture, visiting Prakasheshwar Temple is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Shiva temple offers its visitors much more than what one may expect. While sweets and prasad may not be offered here, the temple does provide a multitude of options to those devoted to Lord Shiva.
Utensils and water facilities allow the devotees to make their offerings, while the free delicious tea and the daily variety of prasad such as halwa, kheer, chana, and puri all make for a rewarding experience. A Bhandara, or an anchor, provides devotees with free food, while Ganga water, straight from the holy river, is freely available to all. Such provisions certainly make the Shiva temple a joy to visit.

The specialty of this Shiv Mandir temple:

The focal point of this temple is the revered Shivling situated here. Crafted from rare and exquisite stones and crystals, this Shivling is composed of Sphatik – an ice stone formed from centuries of icy slumber. Its translucent and tough characteristics make it an ethereal beauty to behold.

No donations are accepted in this temple Visitors to this temple of Lord Shiva in Dehradun are strictly instructed not to donate in any way. Here, on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, one can pay respects to the lord without donations or gifts of any kind. Prasad is served in a unique form; with the offering of hard rice, porridge, or tea as examples. The surrounding beauty of the Malsi Deer Park and Malsi Reserved Forest Area contribute to this temple’s atmosphere of piety. As a famous spiritual site of the area, this temple of Lord Shiva continues to draw worshipers.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Shiv Mandir Dehradun Mussoorie

Visiting Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road Dehradun should always be done with certain protocols in mind. For instance, Prakasheshwar Mahadev is one of the few temples that don’t accept offerings of any form. 

  • Even donations made anonymously are not permitted here. 
  • Besides, worshippers must take care to not take any photos of the shrine. 
  • One should also remain cautious of the high monkey threat in the area and not carry any food outside. As an alternative, you could satisfy your sweet tooth with a trip to the ice cream shop near the temple which offers an extensive selection of delectable flavors.

So if you plan on visiting Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road Dehradun, just keep these pointers in mind for a pleasant and safe experience.

How to Reach Shiv Mandir Mussoorie road:

To reach Shiv Mandir on Mussoorie road, the journey begins from Dehradun which is 8 miles away. Taking the bus to Rajpur, which stops at Kuthal Gate is the easiest route, with a mere 10-minute walk left after alighting at the gate to the shrine. Alternately, if coming from the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, it is 34 kilometers away while the railway station is 7 km from Shiv Mandir. Situated in Khala Gaon, the temple is 9 kilometers from Dehradun. All three places, Dehradun, Jolly Grant Airport, and Dehradun Railway station are connected to the shrine via Kuthal Gate. After alighting from the bus, devotees can walk for about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the temple.

FAQ for Shiv Mandir Mussoorie

Visitors to the temple can partake in a range of activities, including performing prayers and puja, chanting hymns, listening to sermons, and more. Devotees can also purchase souvenirs such as holy threads, incense sticks, and more.

The temple is easily accessible and located on Mussoorie Road. You can drive down, take a taxi or take a local bus. 

No, there is no entry fee to visit the Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road. However, if you plan to participate in puja or buy souvenirs, there may be a nominal fee associated.

Shiva temple location

The Shiva temple is located in Dehradun (near Kuthal Gate on Mussoorie Road near Dehradun).


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